New for 2021

MegaTrends Reset:

Political, Social, Economic & Technological Trends and Themes in the post-Covid Era.

Profound political, economic, social and technological change have all been rapidly developing feature of the modern world for decades. Covid-19 has - in part - reset some of these trends creating a future where healthcare, biotech, hyper connectivity,  remote work, online consumerism, digitisation, political accountability, rising debt, sustainable development and combating inequality are all on the front-burner. But, existing themes of demographic shifts, urbanisation, a rising Asia and cybersecurity amongst others will continue to shape and shift business and investment   Don't miss the future Global MegaTrends - all reset!

Summary: Insightful macro-trend & theme analysis ideal for any event requiring a 'helicopter' overview.

Daniel Silke

New for 2021

South Africa 2021:

Recession or Reset? 

South Africa's economy was struggling pre-Covid. Since the pandemic, it has suffered numerous shocks leading to an extended recession that requires major policy reforms to counter. The critical issue is whether the political leadership can make courageous moves to re-boot and revive the economy amidst internal political contestation. With increased unemployment, inequality and social distress, South Africa's ANC face internal challenges and local elections. Addressing the weakened economy as well as the urgent need for a vaccine rollout piles on the political pressure. Explore these issues in this constantly updated flagship analysis.

Summary: A critical economic, political and social overview of South Africa providing prospects for the future. 

Daniel Silke

Special Event Analysis

South Africa Budget 2021:

The Political & Economic Context for Recovery

South Africa Finance Minister Tito Mboweni has, this year, an almost impossible task of managing the Covid crisis alongside the structurally weak domestic economy. With rising debt, unemployment and the broad ravages of Covid baked in, the key issues will again balance the urgent need for revenue with limiting state expenditure. Given the fundamentally weak economy pre-Covid and local elections set for August, this Budget will be critical in placing the country on a more stable footing towards growth. Daniel Silke presents a political-economy analysis of Budget 2021 for corporate events over the month of February and into March 2021.

Summary: An essential analysis of the South African Budget and its economic and political implications.

Daniel Silke

New for 2021

The V-Shape World: 

From Virus to Vaccine to V-Shape Recovery

The world stares down 2021 with both apprehension and hope. The Covid-19 vaccine brings the prospect of relief and recovery. But make no mistake, the effects of the pandemic on geo-politics and the global economy will remain. Low growth, high debt and a desperate need for recovery in both the developed & emerging markets will test global stability - along with the resumption of the rise of China and a new US President. Understanding the key global themes and emerging risks in a volatile and unchartered climate will be a core component for business success and strategic forecasting in the months ahead.

Summary: The very latest international economic and political drivers offering a comprehensive current analysis of the state of the world.


Daniel Silke

New for 2021

The State of Africa:

Restoring Growth in the Post-Covid Era. 

Africa has largely enjoyed favourable growth rates & real integration into the global economy over the last decade. But, increasing headwinds in a post-Covid environment will put pressure on policy-makers to offset the damage caused & re-commit to a prosperity path. Vexed issues of rising debt, regional instability & social strain will require attention while much promise from the new AfCFTA requires political will to enable. Securing a vaccine will also be critical to offset weakening historic gains. With heightened geo-political & economic competition, the near future is likely to be both uncertain yet not short on opportunity. Be part of this fascinating & essential journey into the current state of the continent. 

Summary: A flagship macro-overview of Sub-Saharan Africa offering essential economic and trend insights.

Daniel Silke

Just Released!

Re-setting the World:

The Challenge of a

Volatile Globe.

The election of Joe Biden can have a profound impact on the global role of the United States following the end of the Trump era. But existing and new risks to the international order are emerging. The rise of China, power-plays from Russia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Iran, regional and trade conflicts, climate-change and a return to multilateralism against a background of Covid-19 create risks and uncertainties. With a global economy still fraught with inequality and strain, new pressures are rising. Cover the key flash-points in this latest keynote spanning the major issues of the world.

Summary: An international-relations primer for global audiences seeking a summary of prevailing risk-related issues and their business relevance.

Daniel Silke

New for 2021

The State of the Nation:

South Africa's Political & Economic Challenges.

South Africa will spend much of 2021 in crisis mode as Covid-19 drains already-scarce resources and further increases debt. At the same time, rescuing the economy will take both political will and prudent policy making. The country also requires a credible strategy to combat corruption and expand economic inclusion amidst a complex vaccine roll-out and a major local election campaign set to test the support for the governing party. All this alongside tensions in the ANC and the limitations on policy execution that brings. Assess the road ahead in this compelling and essential new keynote or webinar.

Summary: A flagship deep-dive into both the political and economic fortunes of South Africa with prospects and insights for the future.

Daniel Silke

New for 2021

Consumer Tsunami:

Retail and Consumer Trends in the Post-Covid Era

The world of retail is always in a constant state of flux. Purchasing habits, choices and customer values have all been further transformed by Covid-19 enabling online platforms to dramatically eclipse the bricks and mortar experience. Globally, a plethora of major retailers have suffered either closure or major downsizing. Slower economic growth in the West, supply chain concerns, alternative lifestyle choices and a rising Asian consumer brings a new geo-economic and social dynamic to this environment. From value to luxury, wants and needs are shifting. And, hyper-technology will facilitate even greater change in the future. Book now for a macro-trend and environmental scan essential for all consumer-driven businesses. 


Summary: A unique consumer-driven analysis within the context a global economic and trend analysis.

Daniel Silke

Private Client Briefings

In Discussion With...

Personal Briefings/Q&A 

Although most presentations are more formal and are based on supporting PowerPoint slides, many clients prefer a more personal discussion-type format either as part of a panel discussion or direct briefing. These can be also be achieved virtually using all major online platforms such as Zoom, Teams, Cisco Webex, Skype or via a telephonic link. Interactive Q&A sessions are highly productive and allow for in-depth analysis and discussion. Multi-participant panels also add dynamism to an event and retain audience interest. Dissecting issues via discussion remains a highly compelling format for virtual events.

Summary: Creative solutions for client and team engagement is critical as remote working remains. Identify engaging solutions to inform, educate and entertain with Daniel Silke.

Daniel Silke




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