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Value Logistics

Kristen Paton-Jonsson, Marketing Manager, South Africa

"We have no hesitation in recommending Daniel as a Keynote Speaker. We had multiple briefing sessions with Daniel where we discussed pertinent topics we
wanted to include in his keynote address, tapping into his experience at recent events. Daniel took the time to walk through our business with us and understand how global issues affected our industry and some of our global clients. He delved into these topics and delivered detailed statistics and research. Based on his experience and knowledge, he also
discussed possible future scenarios. After his keynote address, Daniel patiently addressed questions and spoke to delegates one-on-one. His address was voted the most relevant of the 2023 Expo by the attendees. Without any hesitation, we would invite Daniel to our next event. His dedication to ensuring that his content was fresh and delivered in an interesting way to all attendees makes him universally appealing."

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DRA Global

Leigh Gaitskill,  Group Leadership & Culture Manager, South Africa

" We recently invited Daniel as a guest speaker at our 2023 strategy session attended by our global leadership team.  Daniel’s presentation entitled “South Africa – The Critical Year Ahead” provided an insightful analysis and a candid perspective on the economic outlook of South Africa.  Daniel has the ability to distil complex economic concepts into clear, accessible language, interspersed with appropriate humour and personal anecdotes which made his presentation both informative and engaging. His in-depth research and meticulous analysis of current market trends and future projections provided a valuable roadmap of the South African economic and political outlook, the global context within which we operate and some of the potential challenges and risks that could shape our industry over the next few years. Daniel’s expertise, combined with his engaging presentation style, makes his talks invaluable for industry professionals and enthusiasts alike, providing the knowledge and inspiration needed to navigate our evolving business landscape successfully."

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Prudence Selani, Corporate  Affairs Sanofi, South Africa

“Daniel delivered an outstanding keynote on the macroeconomic landscape. The scenarios he shared presented South Africa's realities in a digestible manner. Daniel's slides were also easy to follow. He left the audience aware of the country's realities but also hopeful for the future."

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PKF Hospitality

Christian Walter, Global CEO, PKF Hospitality Group, Vienna

“Once again, Daniel has been a true inspiration, adding great value to our Dec 2023 196+ summit Africa. Really interesting insights, and a perfect mix of facts and humour.

Simply edutaining!."

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TransUnion Africa

Lee Naik,

CEO @ TransUnion Africa

“Daniel Silke is a remarkable political economist, whose passion, charisma, and storytelling prowess really captivate his audience."

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Johann Vorster, Chief Executive Clover,  South Africa

“Our company has been taken over by international shareholders recently, and when we planned to do our annual strategic and planning review, we needed somebody independent and unbiased to set the scene ahead of the process. And Daniel's name came to mind.  What a brilliant choice it turned out to be. The presentation was to the point, sober and unemotional. The facts spoke for itself, trends were easy to see, and the delivery of the message was energetic and inspirational, to say the least. Daniel's enthusiasm is contagious. We would recommend engaging Daniel on a regular basis to give a balanced view of the economic affairs of SA, and to get some hope for where the country can aspire to. Thanks Daniel for making a difference.."

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Aqeehl Najaar, Interim National Retail Operations Executive

“Daniel presented at our recent AGM and we found his insights to be invaluable. Not only did he present detailed research and analysis but the manner in which he presented was inticing and kept the audience engaged. It is very seldom that a speaker that is presenting such a serious topic is able to do so and Daniel was a huge success. Our retail partners still quoted and reflected on his presentation days after the event and I highly recommend him as a keynote speaker for your next corporate event."

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International Sugar Association

Jose Orive,

Executive  Director  International Sugar Association London

“Daniel Silke gave one of the most engaging talks I have seen at any conference, covering a wide gamut of issues in a seamless way, threading together situations and facts to illustrate the realities we face today and the challenges ahead. He has an impeccable knowledge of a wide variety of areas that enable him to project a coherent message drawn from various sources, and to conjugate different scenarios in a coherent, congruent manner. He possesses a solid ability to present diverse issues in a harmonious manner, always maintain relevance.’”

Daniel Silke Client


Steve Felder, Managing Director South Asia, Mumbai

“Daniel’s presentation was a real eye-opener. He provided a deeply insightful perspective on the state of the African continent through multiple lenses – economic, political and social. His presentation gave us all pause to reflect on the vast opportunities that exist, aptly counterbalanced with the potential pitfalls and risks. Hugely valuable for our executive team, and a perfect segue into our 3 day leadership conference.”

Daniel Silke Client


Anoop Ninan, Co-Chief Executive Officer, Johannesburg

"Daniel Silke has been the guest speaker at our Annual Mazars Post Budget event for many years. His deep economic and political insights as well as the energy, enthusiasm and humour with which he presents holds the audience captivated and keeps our clients coming back every year. It has been a pleasure working with Daniel over the years and I would highly recommend Daniel as

a guest speaker."

Daniel Silke Client

Jersey Finance

Alan Wood, Business Development Manager, Jersey CI

"Daniel was an absolute pleasure to deal with. So charming and easy to get along with. His presentation was phenomenal and exceeded our greatest expectations and clearly those of the delegates. The feedback from our guests was over-whelming, citing an entertaining and very engaging experience. Thank you once again for providing an excellent service.

Daniel Silke Client

Mariott Hotels

Mark Satterfield, Business Development Manager EMEA

"On behalf of our entire group, I want to thank you for a terrific presentation…it was absolutely spot on. I do not think we could have given you a tougher time slot to work with…the last presentation after a long few days…and nights. Your presentation could not have been better; informative, relevant, and most of all delivered in such a way that kept the team entertained and engaged. We will certainly keep a look out for opportunities to utilise you again in the future."

Daniel Silke Client

South Africa Property Owners Association SAPOA

Neil Gopal, CEO

"We have had the honour of having Daniel present at the annual SAPOA Convention on many occasions. He expertly summarises his presentations, which are logical, thoughtful and engaging. His presentations are always bursting with energy and the audience loves him. The property industry always looks forward to his fascinating insights into what is happening locally and around the world.  I can safely say that Daniel delivers what is by far the best one hour Keynote that our audience has ever seen. Full of energy, entertainment and mind altering knowledge that helps set the scene to a really successful conference. No-one does it as well as Daniel."

Daniel Silke Client

International Association of Independent Accounting Firms

Nadege Mullier, Executive Manager, Brussels.

"Daniel delivered two excellent keynotes to a multi-cultural audience of auditing and accounting partners. His presentations cannot be more up-to-date with references to events and press-clips of the day. His understanding and analysis of world geo-politics is outstanding. Despite the seriousness of the subject, these two one-hour addresses were a fun part of our event!"

Daniel Silke Client

Sovereign Group

Tim Mertens,

Chairman South Africa

"Daniel has been a great asset to our annual client events. Our clients always praise his contributions. He provides the most entertaining yet highly analytical presentations and also acts as a very endearing Master of Ceremonies! Since he understands the financial services sector well, his information is always relevant and new. But the key is his ability to present economic and political data in a crisp and punchy way - with a sense of humour. He is, therefore, highly recommended."

Daniel Silke Client


Marisa Fourie,  Glacier Regional Operations North  Business Development, South Africa

"Daniel’s outlook always comes across as excellently researched, measured and balanced, taking into account the many layers of the socio-political and economic landscape of any point in time. His done numerous presentations for Glacier by Sanlam and executed professionally, passionately and certainly does it in an amazing way.  We definitely will be inviting him back for more insightful presentations and views."

Daniel Silke Client

IBC Solutions

Colin Steyn, Founder Member

"Once again, on behalf of the team, I’d like to thank you for the outstanding presentation you delivered at our Strategy Workshop. Your extensive research and tremendous insights on very complex, volatile and controversial topics generated much debate in our small group and plenary sessions and certainly gave us plenty food for thought. We really appreciated your objectivity in that you not only highlighted the areas of concern in the macro environment, but you identified the many positives and potential opportunities there are for a community-conscious company like ours. Most importantly, we were able to take salient points from you presentation and generate concrete steps for future investigation and action which will undoubtedly be of considerable value to our

customers, employees, the communities in which we trade and ultimately our Company. Finally, congratulations on your hat-trick with us!"

Daniel Silke Client

Pepkor Holdings

Steve du Toit, CEO, 

The Building Company

“Daniel presented a political and economic overview at our annual conference in Cape Town last year for The Building Company - the building division of Pepkor Holdings Limited. Daniel captured the audience effortlessly and was able to convey economic concepts in an engaging manner, whilst still adding some humour to his delivery. His material was very well received by our staff and kicked off the day and year on an energetic note."

Daniel Silke Client

London Speakers Bureau

Lucinda Swan, Director

"I have engaged Daniel to speak on more than one occasion for my clients. He delivers a wonderful keynote speech with passion and in depth knowledge. I can highly recommend Daniel and look forward to working with him again soon."

Daniel Silke Client

Sue Marrilier Incentives, Events & Conferences

Sue Marrilier, Director

"Daniel is one of the best speakers in South Africa. His presentations are always content rich and thought provoking. He is a dynamic speaker and an expert in his field. Daniel will always remain top of mind when recommending speakers to my clients."

Daniel Silke Client


Esme Van Der Merwe,

Executive Assistant

"Daniel’s presentation was very informative and his presentation style is fantastic. I can really recommend him as a presenter for economic/political overviews."

Daniel Silke Client

H. Hall & Sons

John Williams, Head of 

Group Finance

"Daniel was excellent!  At extremely short notice, he was able to develop an in-depth presentation that was engaging and insightful - and really well received by the shareholders."

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GK Software Africa (Pty( Ltd

Sandy Phillips
Business Development and Sales Manager Africa and Middle East

"Let me start with a huge thank you! Your presentation was fantastic, the number of compliments we received on each day and post each event was just amazing. I really appreciate the effort you went to in delivering an inspiring and topical presentation."

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Mohamed Khalid, Embraer Airline Marketing Manager, Middle East & Africa

Daniel's presentation kicked off the day at our Embraer symposium (Dubai, 2023) with a political and economic outlook. He started with a world view and zoomed into the region of relevance (Middle East & Africa). Daniel's presentation was a rich, engaging and insightful journey. Daniel is an electric speaker who kept the audience engaged not only throughout his presentation. His presentation was a key talking point during the networking breaks in the event and many speakers and panellists drew insights and parallels from it during the remaining sessions. Finally, Daniel was a fantastic and versatile moderator in two sessions during our event. He led a discussion on an airline front with the CEO of Air Arabia and another with the head of mobility of a company reshaping tourism in KSA. Daniel asked the right questions, kept the session interactive and super engaging. We look forward to working with him again in the future."

Daniel Silke Client

Delta Airlines

Shireen Akoodie, General Manager, Southern Africa

"Daniel's presentation could not have been more relevant and informative based on the current situation at the time. The audience was captivated by the delivery and  presentation content from start to finish, with both sessions receiving rave reviews. Daniel is truly are one of the best speakers in South Africa and please know that we will definitely be calling on him in the near future. His understanding and analysis of world geo-politics and economics is outstanding and thought-provoking."

bank of america

Bank of America

Rukyat Yusuf, EEMEA Strategy & Economics, London

"Daniel Silke has consistently provided our team and clients with a through and well-rounded analysis of the South African political landscape. The discussions are always informative, high quality and engaging – A testament to Daniel’s expertise, experience and public speaking prowess."

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Amy Beck, Senior Marketing Director Africa

"Daniel's opening keynote perfectly set the tone of our 2023 Summit this year! His presentation was incredibly insightful and we were privileged to hear his thoughts on our economic and political landscape. An honour! Thank you."



Clive Noland,

Executive Chairman

"I have been attending meetings and conferences for over 25 years, and during that time I've had the privilege of listening to numerous speakers.

From the moment Daniel took to the stage at the 2023 Nolands 13th Conference, I was instantly captivated. His ability to engage the audience, entertain, and impart valuable insights is truly remarkable. It's not often that you find a speaker who can seamlessly blend humour and wisdom, but Daniel did just that. Some people possess the innate "gift" of public speaking, and Daniel Silke unquestionably has it.

His contribution elevated our conference to new heights and made it an unforgettable experience."



Olivia Smith,

Marketing & Communications Officer

"We have worked with Daniel Silke on more than one occasion. Daniel is exceptionally knowledgeable, highly responsive and he is a world-class keynote speaker. Daniel delivers hard truths in a light-hearted manner, keeping his audience engaged. Daniel’s professionalism is unquestionable, and we can highly recommend him as a speaker for any business conference."

Daniel Silke Client

AviaDev Ltd

Jon Howell, Founder

and CEO, UK

"For me, a great speaker is one who can either educate or entertain. 
Daniel’s ability to do both with energy and enthusiasm makes him stand out. Daniel’s presentations are always well researched and bespoke to the industry in the room. His material and delivery is always engaging, professional, and thought-provoking. Perfect for building energy amongst attendees. Highly recommended."

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Eswatini Sugar Association

Nontobeko Mabuza, Event Producer, Eswatini (Swaziland)

"After scrolling the internet for hours, looking for a speaker to set the tone for an international sugar conference we were hosting, I came across a short clip of Daniel. After watching a few more, I was convinced, this was just the guy we needed. During our briefing conversation, Daniel issued a disclaimer that ‘(he) knew nothing about sugar’, to which my response was, ‘And that is exactly why I think you would be the right guy. Everyone else on the programme will be talking sugar. I need someone to be general to get us going’. And get us going he did! Daniel was captivating in the manner he delivered his material, with the audience being able to follow, regardless of background. One of our participants made a comment a later about how being a sugarcane farmer, he knew nothing about Economics but he was able to follow the presentation and really enjoyed it. As one of the organisers of the event, it was great to see the audience captivated throughout the presentation. An hour later, I am sure they could have sat for more. I would highly recommend Daniel as a speaker for your event..”

Daniel Silke Client

Swiss Chamber of Commerce: SA

Evelyn Ralphs, General Manager

"Daniel’s presentation on South Africa’s future under the current circumstances was once again amazing, well-crafted and appropriately suited to our local and global Chamber members. His in-depth understanding of South African politics and economics provide brilliant insight not only to local business people but also to international entities. Comparisons drawn to other global economies are meticulously researched and delivered, including a refreshing sprinkle of humour. We had overseas guests join our webinar too, and all participants were full of praise and appreciation for Daniel’s presentation. It is always a pleasure and honour including Daniel in an event, and I look forward to the next time!"

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Barclays Africa

Claudia Gwinnutt,

Barclays Africa Retail and Business Banking.

"An incredibly insightful, intellectually stimulating talk to the senior management team of Barclays Africa. Not only did he captivate the audience through his unique sense of storytelling and presenting but he gave valuable insight into very relevant topics not only for Barclays but the wider macro environment. I could not recommend using Daniel enough for a presentation – completely worth it!” 

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TBWA\Hunt Lascaris

Alison Gerber,

Account Director

"Thank you for an incredible presentation delivered to our retail client! The feedback received was that you delivered your content in a way that was informative, insightful, relatable and humorous. Now we're all smarter after you've shared "The State of the Nation - Can SA find it's 'on-switch". Highly recommend your guest speaker services!"

Daniel Silke Client

Engen (Sirocco Productions)

Kim Venter, Conference Director

"What an absolute pleasure working with such a consummate professional as Daniel Silke once again. Daniel delivered 100% on the Client's brief at the Engen Dealer Roadshows in 2018 and 2019. His presentations were dynamic, entertaining, informative, current and so relevant. Clients & audiences were enthralled. Daniel’s wealth of  knowledge and expertise as a Political Analyst & Futurist is unsurpassed in the industry."

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Accor Hotels

Geri Flanagan, Development Manager

"You were unanimously voted best & most engaging speaker at  the Africa Hospitality Investment Forum 2023 by all my colleagues!"

Daniel Silke Client

Van Deventer & Van Deventer

Cor Van Deventer, Director

"We hosted a series of webinars during the course of 2020 with Daniel as one of our main speakers. Daniel was extremely informative and knowledgeable on a very wide range of topics and kept an audience of over 1500 property professionals glued to his every word for 4 sessions. I would definitely recommend Daniel for any conference or webinar for corporates and businesses. We will also definitely be using his services in the future again to keep all our clients informed on current events globally."

Daniel Silke Client

Bench Events

Matthew Weihs, Managing Director, UK

"Insightful, energised and thought provoking.  We love using Daniel as our keynote speakers at our Africa Hotel Investment Forum – it is great to have an economist who can provide clarity around a very complex market."

glacier sanlam.png

Glacier by Sanlam

Martin Lessing, Manager North: Distribution & Sales

"Daniel made a valuable contribution to the success of our 2021 Outlook Webinar event. There was an overwhelmingly positive response from our audience with the talk highly relevant and truly insightful.

We would be privileged to invite Daniel back in future to share the Glacier platform again in thought leadership matters. Daniel delivers a powerful, thought-provoking product."

Daniel Silke Client

DB Shenker

Mary-Ann Oldfield, Communications Director

"Thank you for making our business breakfast so successful. We have received so many compliments on your presentation! So informative & delivered in a concise, well connected and light hearted manner! Brilliant!”

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Netto Investments

Annuschka du Preez
Communications Manager

We really enjoyed your presentation and clients have mailed to let us know they did as well:


“You think you know a subject until somebody provides a new perspective’’


"The speaker, Daniel, was excellent putting facts across in a most precise and understandable way..."


"We thoroughly enjoyed the guest speaker Daniel Silke’s presentation. It was so interesting and wished it was longer."


"It was great to see Daniel Silke in person as I have followed him over the years."

Daniel Silke Client

Pietermaritzburg & Midlands Chamber of Business

Melanie Veness, CEO

"Daniel is engaging, he captivates his audience with confidence and enthusiasm, bringing new perspectives, fresh insights and a good dose of humour to his presentations. He never fails to impress."

Daniel Silke Client

Global Trade Review (GTR)

Geoff Ando, Head Conference Production, London

"I am contacting you to both thank and congratulate you for the tremendous role you played at last week's GTR Africa Trade Finance Week in Cape Town. The feedback received so far has been hugely positive, due in no small part to your efforts. The role of keynote speaker is a crucial one to ensuring the success of any event, and your energy, delivery and quality of content played an enormous part in this, no mean feat and something which was hugely appreciated."

Daniel Silke Client

SA Ubuntu Foundation

Kevin Chaplin, Managing Director, Amy Foundation & The SA Ubuntu Foundation

"Daniel is one of the best presenters and speakers I know. He brings everything across so well and holds the audience attention throughout. His insight and knowledge is world class and his presentations always add huge value. He makes any event a success."

Daniel Silke Client

XL Travel

Nigel King, Strategic

Development Manager

"Daniel, the address you made to the XL Travel delegation was perfect and delivered exactly what was required to raise the game of each of our members to enable growth and continued success in their respective businesses. The XL Travel board thank you sincerely for contributing in such a significant way to the success of our Zanzibar conference. I am confident we will be asking you back in the not too distant future to address the membership."

Daniel Silke Client

PKF Hotel experts GmbH

Nils Heckscher Director

"I have seen Daniel Silke at a variety of events and conferences over the years, and always look forward to hearing him speak. Daniel has the great ability to inform his audience without lecturing them. His well researched talks are spiced up with a bit of humour without ridiculing what he is actually saying. I find him to be a great addition to any event where some political insight is required."

Daniel Silke Client

Robert Morris University

Jim Vincent, Coordinator (ret), The Rooney International Scholar Program, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

"Daniel's presentations are the very model of competent business forecasting. He has the skills to combine both graphic and lecture material into finely tuned presentations. Skilful, humane and humorous, Daniel Silke is a man worth listening too". 

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