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South Africa, Africa & Global Themes


Acclaimed presentations on current political & economic issues.


Daniel Silke offers an unparalleled selection of tailored physical and online presentations that delve into the most pertinent political and economic trends impacting the Global landscape, Africa, and South Africa. These presentations are expertly crafted to deliver a captivating and profoundly insightful experience, whether as a keynote address or a webinar. Renowned for incorporating the latest research data, these highly regarded keynotes seamlessly merge political and economic analysis and may be customised to cater to various industries, regions, and countries across the globe. From financial services to travel, retail, agriculture and the industrial sector, among others, these presentations resonate with a wide range of audiences. Ideal for conferences, events and information briefings requiring an expert scene-set or macro overview.


Engage the expertise of Daniel Silke, a renowned analyst who specialises in providing clients with comprehensive political and economic insights. In a world characterised by rapid change, his retainer-based services offer an in-house solution to address the evolving communication and strategic needs of companies. Silke offers affordable packages that include webinars, research, articles, and commentaries, all aimed at adding depth to public affairs, communications, or research teams. By leveraging his services, you gain access to valuable insights that are crucial for effective strategic planning particularly in today's volatile era of increasing global risks. With his expertise, you can ensure that your company stays ahead of the curve, making informed decisions and navigating the complex political and economic landscape with added strategic foresight.


Daniel Silke is Director of the Political Futures Consultancy based in Cape Town, South Africa and is regarded as one of the country's leading political-economy analysts. Silke has addressed the World Travel Forum in Istanbul, the Transcontinental Trusts International Forum in Bermuda, The Cross Border Planning conference in London, the African & Arabian Hotel & Investment Forum in Addis Ababa, Kigali, Nairobi and Dubai as well as the World Affairs Council and Fulbright Association in Washington DC. Silke has addressed the Swiss and UK/SA Chambers of Commerce and has recently been the keynote speaker at the prestigious AviaDev African Aviation conference in Nairobi. He presents for a wide range of blue-chip clients including Bank of America, Delta Airlines, ABSA, Sanlam, Standard Bank, Unillever, Maersk, Deloittes, Mazars, Barclays Africa and Sanofi  amongst others.



Watch examples of Daniel Silke's recent keynote presentations showcasing his relaxed yet detailed and energetic approach to keynote delivery.

Complete Keynote for AviaDev in Nairobi June 2023

Silke Speaks in Nairobi, Kenya

Daniel Silke was the opening speaker at the prestigious AviaDev conference in Nairobi in June 2023. His address covered macro-Africa economic themes with special reference to the Africa Aviation sector. All Silke's keynotes are customised for relevant industries and are fully illustrated with the latest charts and data (not shown in video). 

Silke Speaks in
Cape Town

Daniel Silke was the Keynote speaker on current South African economic themes with special reference to the domestic retail industry in May 2023. All Silke's keynotes are customised for relevant industries and are fully illustrated with a take-home slide pack (shown in video).

Complete Keynote from Daniel Silke presented in May 2023
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