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South Africa, Africa & Global Trends


Acclaimed presentations & webinars on political & economic issues.


Daniel Silke offers an exceptional range of bespoke physical and online presentations on current political and economic trends affecting the world, Africa and South Africa - all packaged into a compelling, yet highly insightful keynote or webinar. Noted for the latest available research data, these presentations uniquely blend both political and economic analysis and are customisable for a range of industries, regions and countries world-wide including financial/legal services, travel, retail/consumer and the industrial sector amongst many others. Now bookable for events globally and fully transferable for Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Cisco Webex formats. Event moderation now also available.


Looking for an expert analyst to provide clients with both political and economic insights? Daniel Silke offers a range of retainer-based services that deliver an in-house solution for the rapidly changing communication needs of companies. Silke offers affordable packages of webinars, research, articles and commentaries to add depth to any public affairs or research team. Providing clients with valuable political and economic insights has become a critical part of good corporate communications and is even more essential in the volatile era in which we live. Outsourcing this is both cost-effective and allows for fresh un-restrained thinking beneficial to client engagement and retention.



Daniel Silke is Director of the Political Futures Consultancy based in Cape Town, South Africa. Silke has addressed the World Travel Forum in Istanbul, the Transcontinental Trusts International Forum in Bermuda, The Cross Border Planning conference in London, the African & Arabian Hotel & Investment Forum in Addis Ababa, Kigali, Nairobi and Dubai as well as the World Affairs Council and Fulbright Association in Washington DC. He has also spoken before the Australian Institute of Chartered Accountants in Sydney and has presented before blue-chip clients including Bank of America, Delta Airlines, Unillever, Maersk, Deloittes, Mazars, Barclays Africa & Sanofi & amongst others.



Complete webinar for Delta Airlines in September 2020.

Client Review

"Your presentation could not have been more relevant and informative based on the current situation at the time. The audience was captivated by you and your content from start to finish, with both sessions receiving rave reviews. You truly are one of the best speakers in South Africa and please know that we will definitely be calling on you in the near future. Your understanding of world geo-politics and economics is outstanding and thought provoking."


Delta Airlines US (Southern Africa)

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