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The Ten Most Important Issues in the World right now!

In this fast-paced and dynamic new keynote, Daniel Silke takes ten of the most important issues in the world and brings them to life with facts, great visuals and unsurpassed insights. Taking the issues that matter most, Silke organises these into a “Top 10” in an accessible entertaining way. Themes to be addressed include: The role of the USA in the world from a leadership and economic perspective;  the future importance of China politically and economically; emerging market prospects looking at possible winners and losers; Africa’s economic potential and possible pitfalls; the immense impact of demographic and social change such as an ageing and urbanising planet; the 4th Industrial Revolution and the advancement of artificial intelligence (AI) as well as the broader impact of technology and its effect on business. Silke provides a host of ‘fast-facts’ easily applicable to the broader business environment. Constantly updated and fully refreshed, this keynote is at home in most conferences and provides an ideal-scene-set or macro-overview of the most pressing questions of our time. Making the complexities of economics and politics easy to understand and relevant is the key take-home of this keynote. It will be discussed and dissected well after its completion.

Emerging Markets 2020: Risks, Rewards & Challenges into the Future.

Emerging Markets (EM) have often seen contradictory forces at play. This keynote combines key social and economic data and integrates this with a broad political and risk overview of prospects for EM's in the future. The Keynote delves into both the global economy and can focus more specifically on Africa, Asia or the Middle-East where applicable. Daniel Silke will discuss rising income levels and demographic change across emerging markets, healthier economic fundamentals promoting investment, the shifting sectoral diversification within EM’s and the broader integration into world markets.  In addition, aspects relating to EM Debt, Trade Wars, China’s Belt & Road programme, equity valuations and the broader prospects for more sluggish growth from both the US and EU will pull investors towards EM’s in the near future. Silke will also cover prospects for the US economy amidst recessionary predictions; global trade performance and regional growth forecasts to add international context to his keynote. This is more than just a macro-economic overview. It also will highlight key disruptive trends that can also shape the fortunes – both positively and negatively – of EM’s. Ultimately, Emerging Markets 2020 is at one both analytical yet also predictive. It will entertain and enlighten and will present an important value addition to any conference seeking a view on the role of these economies and their prospect for growth in future. 

The State of Africa 2019: Star-Nations or Stagnation?

Daniel Silke presents one of the most comprehensive overviews of the current and future state of African economic development. Africa has enjoyed impressive levels of economic growth over the last decade. But, those countries reliant on extraction industries experienced stagnation – and even contraction - due in part to low commodity prices, a slowdown in China and a failure to diversify existing economies. In addition, whilst many countries have transitioned to competitive democracy, there remains several nations deeply divided and economically vulnerable. However, many countries continue to perform well-above international averages and are leading a new approach to economic and social development that will provide an impressive consumer base into the future. New social dynamics, trade blocks and a better commodity outlook are also changing and shaping a more promising future for many millions of Africans. In this comprehensive keynote, Daniel Silke provides a macro-economic and social trend overview of where the continent is now and into the future. This presentation is essential for all businesses exposed to the African market and for those considering an expansion into new territories. It is also one of the few flagship macro-economic overviews of the continent currently available.

After the Vote: South Africa's Elections & their Implication for the Future

Leading Political Economy Analyst and Keynote Speaker, Daniel Silke, dissects the results of South Africa's crucial May 8th poll. This keynote will explain the implications for the leading political parties as well as the effects the results will have on guiding policy and broader governance issues into the future. The Keynote will reflect on the future prospects for the governing ANC as well as President Cyril Ramaphosa and will assess the ability of the country to forge ahead with important structural economic reforms to kick-start growth. The presentation will also contain an overview of the South African economy in the context of important changes likely to occur. For a better understanding of the new political as well as economic climate following the May vote, this keynote will offer cutting-edge analyses and an authoritative prognosis for the future course of the the country.

The State of the Nation: Elections, the Economy & Expectations

South Africa faces its most critical year since 1994.  As one of South Africa’s foremost analysts and keynote speakers, Daniel Silke uniquely combines the very latest economic analysis with the ever-changing political dynamic. This is particularly important in an election year in which economic policy, good governance and political fortunes will all be tested - and will impact on the country's ability to forge ahead. President Cyril Ramaphosa is seeking to restore the leadership role of the ANC in elections this year. But, he faces a test of credibility as poor economic growth, deep unemployment and disturbing levels of graft and corruption threaten important state-owned enterprises such as Eskom. What are prospects for policy certainty in an election year? Will Ramaphosa cement his authority and be able to steer a new course? Can the ANC reclaim its dominant status in the wake of increasing Opposition? Can South Africa move from stagnant growth to re-booting its domestic GDP? Is this the year in which business begins to turn-the-corner after years of frustration? And, what are the predictions for Election 2019 and its immediate aftermath? This is the one keynote that covers both economic and political analysis and is essential to understanding the now and the near future for the country.

Beyond our Borders: South Africa in a Global Context

Events in the broader international and African environment have substantial impact on South Africa's economic performance. In this comprehensive new keynote, Daniel Silke sets the scene for discussing South Africa’s economy and political performance by first looking at the essential dynamics and disruptors facing the global economy. Rising volatility in developed markets, the impact of greater protectionism, the rise of nationalism and solid growth from Asia all have a bearing on the domestic economy. The fortunes of Brazil, Russia, India and China all weigh on broader developing markets as their domestic performance shifts and mutates in new directions. Commodity volatility, rising debt levels and political risk factors across the world create greater uncertainty while South Africa faces increasing competition from East African powerhouses like Kenya and Ethiopia. And the continued disruption of the Trump Presidency, Brexit-related uncertainties and European volatility will certainly also have a profound impact – particularly on trade-related issues. This keynote is a critical scene-setter for any conference looking to understand South Africa within the global context.

Saving Retail: Global Shifts & Retail Repercussions

The retail world has been shaken in recent years by unprecedented disruption. As a result of technology and changing consumer habits and demands, footfall is on the decline. Bricks & Mortar stores are shutting while shopping malls are under immense occupancy and tenant-mix pressures. In this new macro-economic and trend analysis from Daniel Silke, the current state of the global (and domestic) economy will be analysed to reflect its effect on retail. In addition, Silke will look at social and demographic factors at play which influence shopping habits. This keynote will also consider new markets across the world, will look at success stories of retailers who are bucking the trend as well as provide a check-list of essentials necessary to keep in the retail game. This is a unique presentation in that it offers a broad global insight into economic, social and business trends as well as a more industry-specific approach to this sector. Ideal for any business in the retail sector keen to understand the broader context in which they operate and also hear from an international perspective of risks, challenges and opportunities.

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Watch Daniel Silke's presentation at the South African Property Owners' Association in Durban, South Africa, June 2018.

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Daniel Silke
Daniel Silke
Daniel Silke
Daniel Silke
Daniel Silke keynote speaker
Daniel Silke keynote speaker
Daniel Silke keynote speaker
Daniel Silke keynote speaker
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Daniel Silke keynote speaker
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